Raw Milk


Milk does the body good, well for most people. I have to admit I don’t personally drink that much milk but all the little sayings of why I should be drinking more milk have stayed with me. Milk makes strong bones is the most featured one and it is true that milk does have calcium and many other good things in it, but milk has become controversial lately. Many people have stopped drinking it in the belief that it has too much fat. Others because they believe it is not natural or good to drink. Now a whole new movement has emerged, the theory that it is not the milk itself that is not good for us but what we do the milk. Milk is pasteurized (super heated)to kill any bacteria that could make us ill, a new movement called the raw milk movement believes that this destroys many of the health benefits of milk. Still many oppose this movement and it is even illegal in Scotland as many diseases can be found in the actual milk and there are fears that it could be very dangerous to drink. Where do you weigh in?

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