How did it come to this?

Now this has nothing to do with Eco but it needs to be said. What on earth did they do to the second “Sex and the City Movie”? How did we go from the photo on the left to the photo of on the right (the one of them singing in that horrible bar, in those horrible clothes!) I have heard the odd person say that they liked but I am convinced that this was they have deluded themselves through their love for the series. In the series they had real problems, Carrie was nice, the fashion was good, they were culturally sensitive and they were funny. What was the worst most out of touch moment? Hard to say was it when the one note stereo type of all Arab people? going camel riding in the middle east with nipple tassels? The fact that Marianda “surprised” them with a camel ride and provided them with the proper clothing which happens to be loads of designer clothes, because everyone know Hermes makes the most wonderful outdoor clothing? or was it poor Samantha’s quest not to fly coach as she had a headache. Where was the fun, the real moments of girl talk? What I loved about Sex and the City the most was that I related to it. While I couldn’t afford all of their designer clothes I had had the same issues with money, work and my love life. Most of us have bought more than we can really afford or had a boss who hit on us or a boyfriend who just didn’t love us enough to commit. It was my most disappointing moment of 2010, don’t see it if you haven’t just watch the DVD’s and relive the glory.

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