Eco Ebay


Ebay  is the largest auction website it in the world and it has gotten a lot of bad press lately for having many users who are selling fake items on their website. It is easy to forget what a great website it is when you use it for it’s orginial purpose. It is basically one big recycling center for clothes and many other items. Things that might have otherwise ended up in trash bins find homes with people who will love and use them for many more years to come. Go a check it out to find some things that you might love, but when buying keep in mind a couple of things a avoid fakes. If someone has a brand new sold out item at a heavily discounted price chances are that it is not real. If a seller seems to have an endless supply of the same items then chances are it is not real. If they can not provided a serial number for the bag then chances are they are not real. Check it out I am sure you will find something you love!

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