Northcote Rd Antiques Market


If you are looking for new furniture on a budget don’t head to your local discount furniture check out your local antique market. I know that most of us think antique equals old fashion but the truth is that there is a large range of styles and designs. You should feel free to change the feel of a piece with paint. Now days we are used to having what we buy fall apart but things used to be made to last. Some of these items have been around for hundreds of years and are still in fantastic condition. I love the history of the pieces and you can make them look anyway you want them to. Check out Northcote rd Antique market to get home ideas

Northcote Road Antiques Market

155A Northcote Road/Battersea/London SW11 6QB
Tel: 0207-228-6850

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  1. Hi we have a website now with all our new items on display !

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