Pure Wool Bedding…Ooh Lush!


It’s still freezing outside. And it’s almost as though as soon as I get home all I  want to do is jump into a hot bath & straight into bed. Wouldn’t it be just heavenly if it was all made from pure organic wool or cashmere ? White cloud sells pure wool bedding from New Zealand. They have lambswool pillows, cashmere duvets. Ooooh lush! Here are some other reasons to start loving all things wooly…http://www.whitecloud.co.uk/

Pure wool makes an ideal bedding material and provides…

  • lightness and comfort all year round
  • insulation: the greater the fill weight, the warmer the duvet
  • relief from allergies and a natural resistance to dustmites
  • a microclimate to suit you: warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • the transfer of moisture away from your skin, helping maintain an even body temperature throughout the night
  • a deeper and more restful sleep!!
  • Wool is the natural choice for the future as it is renewable, sustainable, 100% natural, biodegradable and fire resistant.
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