Insulate Your House And Save The Earth And Money


Check out the benefit of insulating your home

The Energy Saving Trust says that the average home can save £300 a year from proper insulation. Considering that buildings lose 56 per cent of heat through the walls and roof, and insulation can be as cheap as 36p a square meter, it is stupid not to make the investment. It could also make your property more competitive in the housing market. Mead says: “Insulation will impress surveyors and could improve your EPC [Energy Performance Certificate] rating.” While a small factor, a better EPC rating could be a deciding factor for a prospective buyer torn between two properties.

Insulating windows is also important: 18 per cent of heat is lost this way. Double glazing is practically standard these days. Properties without it suffer on the housing market. There are no excuses for those with sash windows either: new models offer better-insulated edges and double glass panels.
But Mead offers a word of caution: “Secondary glazing is a very different thing to double glazing. Double glazing is a minimum standard these days. Secondary glazing – those additional windows installed on the inside of the original window – will actually knock value off your property. Prospective buyers instantly think: “What’s the problem, is it noisy outside?””

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