Something Fishy About This Pedicure!


You may have heard about the fish foot pedicure that’s the buzz in all the beauty circles?The little fishies that originated from Turkey have been being used for pedicure’s in Asia for a very long time. Well they’ve now arrived in the U.K. And they are being used to eat all the dead skin off your feet. I have not been brave enough to do it just yet as I have heard it is rather ticklish. Although I believe your tootsies come out feeling babysoft. Which has got to do with the garra rufa fish’s saliva that contains a healing protein. Hmmm I’m still not sure ? I think I’ll be in hysterics. Check out the funky Aquo Sheko in Kensington & Soho.

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5 Responses to Something Fishy About This Pedicure!

  1. I’ve seen this before. Bizarre. Pass.

  2. minimrs says:

    I spotted one of these places near me yesterday… really up for trying it out but must be a weird sensation! Got to be better than the foot file though…

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