Del Coronado

I went to San Diego for vacation in June and had the pleasure of staying at the Del Coronado. This is an old hotel in Coronado city in San Diego. The white Queen Anne style of building is really beautiful and because it was built before cars were common place the hotel is built directly on the beach without a road between the hotel and the beach as is normal for most places in California. I always love staying here because the old hotel doesn’t have 2 rooms that are the same! It is a well know building in San Diego due to its heritage but it is known internationally as being the hotel in “Some Like It Hot”.Marilyn Monroe is photographed standing by the hotel and the whole cast stayed at the hotel while filming. They are also rumoured to have a ghost but I have not had any encounters thankfully. If you happen to be in San Diego you should go and have Champagne Brunch in their famous Crown room.

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  1. Don says:

    Also Somewhere in time , with Jane seymore , Christopher reeves

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