Seriously Stylish Seriously Ethical Fashion Website

Take a look at this cool ethical website, they have a variety of organic, fairtrade, vegan, sustainable & recyclable clothing for sale. I’m after a pair of there Veja Volley Fairtrade organic cotton canvas trainers.


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Tourist for the Day


If you are like most Londoners you have walked by the mass of tourist who accumulate outside Buckingham Palace in the summer with some ire. Why do tourist have to block the WHOLE sidewalk and why can’t they see they are blocking the sidewalk so you don’t have to say excuse me 5 times. That said visiting Buckingham Palace is actually quite fun, you can buy you tickets in advance and you will have a timed entry. You will see all the beautiful state rooms and the lovely gardens. It is pretty well controlled so you aren’t roaming free but it is still insightful and good fun. I loved the gardens, though the path that you can walk is very controlled you can still see how lovely they are. Then on the way out you can have your ticket stamped and it becomes a year pass (I lost mine though so try to pay attention so that doesn’t happen to you). It take roughly an hour and half to see everything and then they also have the Queens Gallery and the Royal Mews so it is worth seeing everything at once, but be warned that they are all priced separately.

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Things to think about at the next action Flick you see



Scary stuff! I never thought that I might be hurting the Earth by seeing the latest action flick but apparently I am. There must be a greener way to make these explosions.


A two-year study released last year by the University of California at Los Angeles concluded that special effects explosions, idling vehicles and diesel generators make the film and television production second only to the oil industry in terms of polluting emissions.


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Museum of Broken Relationships


What do all the images in the below photo have in common? They are all things that people kept after their relationship broke down. I have to say I think this is all very strange because I have NEVER kept a single thing from any of my Ex’s (not that there are so many) I believe in “out with the old in with the new”. I, apparently, am the exception to the rule because it seems like a lot of people hang on to a lot of old junk and now you can go and see it (and maybe not feel so bad about what you have hung on to). All these people’s dirty laundry (literally) is on display at the Tristan Bates Theatre.



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Wednesday Hump Day

To Help get you through the week


Going to work for a large company is like getting on a train. Are you going sixty miles an hour or is the train going sixty miles an hour and you’re just sitting still?
J. Paul Getty


Getty was a wise man!

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Colours to look out for

If you are looking to update your home with a pop of colour what about using turquoise? This is colour is really on trend and has been popping up in some great interiors! Check out some of these great fabrics.


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Panda in San Diego

Check out the this cute little panda bear from the San Diego Zoo! He just makes me smile.



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What to do with your old laptop



If you like me have decided to upgrade your computer but your old one is still running then I have some ideas of what you can do with the old one. Firstly you could sell it, though word of warning you should clear off anything you purchased to go on the laptop before you sell it and it goes without saying that you will want to clear off all of your files. Secondly you could donate it, again clearing off your added programs and your files should be done. Lastly you could recycle it and the parts will be used for a new generation of products. The one thing you should never do is throw it away! E-Waste is polluting and major problem so don’t add to it and try to make your gadgets last as long as possible.

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Glamour of the Gods at the National Portrait Gallery


If you love old films and old film stars then you should head down to the National Portrait gallery and see their “Glamour of the Gods” exhibit. This is a collection of film stars portraits from the studio days. The golden era of hollywood produced some of the most charismatic stars that we still recognise today, even though some of them have been dead for many years. So indulge your interest and check out these unbelievably lovely photos!

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Care instructions- Designer Shoes


I know you just paid £400 and up for these lovely shoes, so you think that this would mean they are built to last a lifetime? Well no they aren’t and in fact these pricey shoes are going to be some of the most delicate things you own. To make sure they last a life time just following the following instructions

1. If the sole is leather you should have them re-soled BEFORE you wear them

2. Don’t wear them to walk in, I know they are shoes but the truth is they are just for show

3. If they are satin, one drop of rain will ruin them so don’t even risk it

4. Add weather protection

5. Polish and clean your leather regularly

6. Use tree horns to maintain the shape

Hopefully this means that your shoes will last a life!

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