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Veggies Are Yummy!

What a cool picture. It’s very true if veggies are cooked right they taste delicious. The trick is to not overcook them and where possible steam them too keep all there nutrients. Whats your favourite veggie ? I love butternut … Continue reading

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Eco Puppy=Happy Puppy

{Source} There’s not much for the Eco puppies and pets out there. Although I came across this American company selling Eco beds for your pup. They are made from Eco fabric milled in the U.S comprised of Intelliloft *.What’s that … Continue reading

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Something To Think About ?


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5% VAT Just for being Green!

Did you know that the VAT for making your home more energy efficient is only 5%?  Normal VAT is 17.5 % but the government as lowered the VAT on green items. You must install the items in order to get … Continue reading

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Reveal Eco Handbags

                                                                            {Source}I love my handbags, what woman doesn’t? I have to admit though that I have not, until now, been completely enchanted with my Eco choices. That has all changed with the introduction of the new company Reveal. All of … Continue reading

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Made In Essex. So NOT Organic!

This has got to be the least “organic” show on telly at the moment. From men wearing fake tan, to girls getting vagisils, hair extensions & planning for the next party. It’s definitely an eye opener if not jaw dropping … Continue reading

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Muji Christmas

I always find the perfect stocking fillers at Muji. The penquin skittles above are made of recycled rubber. I bought my nephew some of the football team skittles, as he is an avid fan of football. I’m sure they’ll go … Continue reading

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Tiffany & Co

                                                                              {Source}I think that every girl would love a piece of Tiffany & Co jewelery, I remember watching the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and thinking how beautiful everything was and asking my mom to buy me a necklace. … Continue reading

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Bubble Wrap Bride

                                                                               {Source} I am all for recycled and vintage clothes but this may be a step too far. A bride this year wore a dress made of Bubble Wrap, which was hand sewn by her pupils and other volunteers. … Continue reading

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Recycled Glass Counters

                                                                                  {Source} If you are in the market for a new counter top you should consider recycled glass counter tops from Vetrazzo. Not only does this help the environment and help empty our landfills but … Continue reading

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